Just a reminder our March community meeting is NEXT week. Join us 3/11 http://t.co/e9lA6SDqS5 FREE but pls. register
RT @CirclesConf: Force yourself today to step away from the computer and make something with your hands. #circlemakers
James Edmondson. Created Mission Script, Lavenderia fonts, is speaking TONIGHT! Get your ticket now! http://t.co/qXnwI7mrvG
Daily Inspiration: #webdesign Hello Monday http://t.co/sDjEYBdPVt
TONIGHT @jamestedmondson shares the savoriest nuggets of wisdom he's learned as a letter & type designer. Be there: http://t.co/qXnwI7mrvG
Recap | Homegrown After Dark: Motion Graphics by Amy Lyons
This week we held our first Homegrown After Dark session at Centerline, with their very own Mack Garrison. Mack is a Motion Graphics Designer at Centerline, and apparently a lover of corny jokes of which he shared a few. Puns aside, Mack is a great presenter and his passion for his work is evident in the way he talks about it. Read More
Create Good Conference Monday, March 16, 2015 / Raleigh
A half-day conference to inspire the nonprofit communicator to try new ideas, complete current projects, and find like-minded awesome professionals. This fun, informative conference will spark ideas and recharge your engine to keep doing good every day. Read More

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