by Chelsea Brown
AIGA Raleigh News · August 8, 2017
by Chelsea Brown
Four fearless leaders from Raleigh—Co-Presidents Hannah Hoffman & Joseph Schlosser, Vice President Lenny Terenzi and Director of Designability Lydia Kuekes,—attended the 2017 AIGA Leadership Retreat in Dallas last month.
by Nancy Sampson
An interview with Sophia Hitchcock, owner of SO|MO Studios and Raleigh AIGA's Director of Storytelling.
by Chelsea Brown
This month, our community meeting was all about how to get involved with our chapter–through our current programs and new ones suggested by YOU. If you aren’t sure how to get involved–or if you feel like AIGA Raleigh doesn’t have the right events for your needs–we wanted to answer those questions and bridge those gaps. Here is a list of ideas from the meeting we’re super excited about, along with programs you mentioned that we currently offer.
by Niki Litts
On Wednesday, Nov. 2 we gathered our design community to share a very important message— AIGA Raleigh (RDU) will take an active role in addressing the lack of diversity in our design community.
AIGA Raleigh News, Featured · November 9, 2016
by Mayshanna Pandora Briscoe
Dine and Draw an event where one can play and connect!
by Mayshanna Pandora Briscoe
I could go on and on about Skillshare, but the real point is because of my AIGA membership I was able to utilize another resource to make me a well round creative person.