A love letter to our community: the Triangle Wiki

If you could write a love letter to something in the Triangle, what would you write about? Your favorite local festival? Where to find fresh locally made ice cream? Good study spaces on campus? This is the kind of stuff we keep buried in our brains, filed alongside the location of our car keys and our favorite book store. This information matters. Our shared experiences bring us closer together and remind us why we love our cities, towns and communities. And there’s a new community website that’s gathering all this information to share with everyone: the Triangle Wiki.

Think Wikipedia, only hyper-local and community-owned. That means it’s your website. You can write about anything local, post pictures and even edit content currently on the site. Maybe you’ve posted it publicly on your blog or Facebook page. The Triangle Wiki is about gathering all this information in one place.

This wiki was the brainchild of participants in last year’s CityCamp Raleigh, and was helped along by the founders of LocalWiki, a group dedicated to creating sites like the Davis Wiki in California. Building a local wiki was their idea. But the Triangle Wiki is ours. Contribute what you know and it could be the best local resource we have ever created.

Ways to connect:
Join the Triangle Wiki group on Facebook.
Follow us on Twitter.
Sign up as a contributor at TriangleWiki.org.
Check out the beginnings of an AIGA Raleigh Triangle Wiki page.


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