For Your Consideration: 2016 – 2018 Elected Board Slate

Our elected board commits to serving a 2-year term. It’s time for the 2016-18 board to take over. And for you to take our survey and vote “yes” or “no” on this group of volunteers who have stepped up to serve our creative community. The new term officially starts July 1, so look for new (and familiar) faces at our community meetings and beyond. Thank you for your participation, and thanks to this new team of leaders.

Presenting the candidates for the Elected Board (through June 2018)

Joseph Schlosser
Hannah Hoffman

Vice President
Lenny Terenzi

Director of Operations
Amy Lyons

Director of Design Ability
Lydia Kuekes

Director of Engagement

Director of Design Impact
Niki Litts

Director of Design for Good
Brittain Peck

Director of Uniting People
Caryn Sterling

Director of Communications
Tracy Maniaci

Director of Design and Business programming
Woody Holliman

Director of Mentorship
Kristin Fowler

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