Homegrown: Responsive Design: Tackling the Beast with Les James

Homegrown returns from its summer hiatus with a session on Responsive Web Design with Les James. Check out this preview of his talk.

“If you’ve given responsive web design a serious try then you know it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. The process is foreign, design tools are antiquated, the grid systems are complex and serving assets is a total hack. In this talk we are going to learn how to tame the madness by looking at some fresh design and development techniques that aren’t just theory but production ready. In the end you should be able to spot the land mines early and be better prepared for tackling the beast that is responsive web design.”
-Les James

We will cover the fundamental ingredients of the approach—combining flexible layouts and media queries. Review advanced layout techniques, so you can get comfortable working with a fluid grid as opposed to a pixel-heavy one. We will discuss strategies for managing different kinds of media, from images to third-party video and advertising. And finally review why progressive enhancement is critical to designing for today’s Web, whether you’re working responsively or not.

Topics to be covered:

Registration opens on August 8, 2012. Look for the registration link on our Eventbrite page.


About Les James:

With experience that ranges from garage band websites to enterprise-level front-end templating, Les knows how to craft the look of the internet. Once rooted in photography and print design, he now finds his passion in transforming visual designs into professional-grade HTML, CSS and JavaScript. For him, front-end development is the perfect balance between the art and science of web design. Les is the senior front end developer for Capstrat and he runs a monthly web development meetup called Function Pink. You can chat him up on twitter at @lesjames.

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