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It is always interesting and educational to get a peek inside a designer’s process. In this month’s Homegrown Lunch & Learn, Mindy Wagner of Viget , gave us a look inside her web design toolbox. Here’s what’s inside:

Mindy suggests creating and committing to following a process for each project. Make it an efficient process — be organized, create templates, use shortcuts and smart objects when possible in Photoshop, whatever you can do to save time.

After her presentation, Mindy was kind enough to answer a few questions. One that I found helpful was what to do when a client is set on using an element on the site that just work or is a poor design or functional feature. Her answer was to identify what it is about that element that they client like and why they want it, then find a way to use those reasons to in a way that will work. For example, if the client wants to use a flash element because they feel it will make the site dynamic, find another way to make the site dynamic that will work better.

Thank you to Mindy for sharing her process and to Maura McDonald for her work in organizing the Homegrown series. This one was another great success. I’m looking forward to next month’s “Wear your Selling Hat with Confidence.”

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