National Bulletin: Design and the Civil Rights Movement

Design for Good is a pillar of AIGA Raleigh’s mission and role in the community. As we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and prepare for the upcoming presidential election, this pillar becomes especially relevant. It’s so interesting to note how the design of campaign slogans and picket signs can influence an entire group of people’s actions and beliefs. In an AIGA National post, Bobby C. Martin Jr discusses how these unknown designers have become his design heroes. He writes:

“The imagery of the Civil Rights Movement yesterday and today isn’t about the design. It’s not “pretty.” But it is design, nonetheless. It cuts through the clutter. Calls attention to what matters most. Demands to be heard. It takes one more step toward ending a perpetual cycle of discrimination, prejudice, and injustice.”

The following content has been sourced from AIGA National to share with our AIGA Raleigh Students and Emerging Designers creative community.

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