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AJ McDonald, senior content manager at Republic Wireless, led our 5th B-side course Wednesday July 20. AJ built Republic’s brand voice from the ground up, and has established a very active community around the company’s social channels. He discussed how Republic approaches content marketing and social media strategy, showing the creatives in attendance the “finish line” for marketing their own business.

If you missed AJ’s session or want to learn more, read our recap below!


Talk like People Talk

If you learn anything from AJ’s session, it should be this. The most important part of interacting with customers and clients is talking to them like people.


Build a foundation on your social channels

It’s not about being in the conversation, it’s about starting the right ones.


Think about your mom


The funnel is dead

“A commercial tries to sell you a product. Our content should try to solve a problem and build trust.”


How to determine your content

“Position yourself as an authoritative industry leader”


Find a celebrity that emulates your brand voice


Questions from the group:

1. How can smaller companies still engage on social media? How can you prioritize channels?

2. How do you scale a personable voice as your company gets larger?

3. Follow for follow?

“Don’t duplicate all the same keywords and phrases that your competitors are using”

4. How to publish unique content on all social channels without being overwhelmed?

5. How often do you post a day?

6. First steps for jumping into toxic social environment:

7. Building your brand voice while working with a partner:



Our B-Side series is almost over, but we still have one more panel discussion with AWESOME speakers next month! Registration opens soon, so look out for the link.


About the Author: Chelsea Brown is a UX/UI Designer on the marketing team at Republic Wireless. She looks at each project as an opportunity to tell a story and enhance the reader’s experience through design. On her days off, she enjoys running, Jane Austen novels and day trips to the beach.

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