The Best Classic Hand Lettered and Display Examples at the North Carolina State Fair

The State Fair. It comes around each year and brings to mind food on a stick, vegetables winning blue ribbons, kitchen gadget displays, and pig races. This past week I was able to check out the North Carolina State Fair, which runs from October 17 – 27 in Raleigh, NC.

The state fair can be a visual sensory overload with the large number of signs and logos that are placed on garbage cans, fences, rides and food trucks. Between all the standard signage there were some classic hand lettered signs and unique displays that stood out at the fair.

All Images © Copyright 2013 Kristen Baumlier, All Rights Reserved.


 About the Author

Kristen Baumlier is an artist and designer and is currently developing a interactive project called Food Font. Baumlier’s work was a finalist in the Where Do You Give? design contest, and a prototype of her interactive game design has been exhibiting across the U.S. since 2012. Baumlier taught at the Cleveland Institute of Art for over 12 years in the areas of interactive design and integrated media, and recently moved to the Triangle area.




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