The Centennial Design Juried Exhibition

In celebration of AIGA Centennial, you are invited to enter the Centennial Design Juried Exhibition curated by AIGA Raleigh Centennial Planning Committee.

Unleash your creative powers and mark your rightful place in the history of design! Join accomplished AIGA designers that delivered, as part of the national AIGA Centennial celebration, designs addressing significant events across the past ten decades.

How to Enter the Centennial Design Juried Exhibition:

Register to participate here. We will accept up to three designs per each decade on first come first serve basis.

Design Guidelines:

Select an event connected with the Triangle region that took place within the decade of your choice (use the suggested historic events list at the end of this post or identify an event of your own that inspires you). Design a poster (18×24”) depicting that event. If you are so inspired, incorporate the design vocabulary characteristic of the decade you are referring to in your work (for your convenience, we are including a list of design historical trends at the end of this post). Please be mindful and respect copyrights of other designers and artists. When incorporating work that is not yours, make sure it belongs to the public domain or acquire appropriate permissions.

Submission Deadline and Instructions:

The juried exhibition is free and open to all designers with interest in the Triangle region. Submit your design by July 30th by uploading your work to Dropbox (you will receive access to the Dropbox folder when you sign up for the exhibition). Make sure you deliver a high-resolution (300 dpi) file in .jpg or .pdf format (please outline fonts if you submit in a .pdf format) at the final size of 18 x 24” (portrait) including bleed (0.125″ on each side of the poster) and crop marks. Also make sure that the file name includes your name and the year of the event your design is depicting.

The Centennial Design Juried Exhibition:

This is a unique opportunity to create an original design of your own, showcase your understanding of design historical trends, and take a place in the design heritage of the Triangle.

All designs will be featured in AIGA Raleigh social media and on our website. The Centennial Planning Committee will select ten designs to be printed and displayed around the time of the Centennial Party coming up in September. The ten selected designs will also be displayed at other locations, soon TBA.




To help you jump right into the creative work, we have done research for you. Feel free to use the following list as inspiration or identify an event of your own (not listed below) and use it as a basis for your design.

Sample Historical Events:





















Examples of Worldwide Design Historical Trends:






(Image credits:  selected designs from the national collection Celebrating AIGA, 1914-2014. Used with permission.)

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