What’s Your Best Work

The AIGA Raleigh Design Community wants to know, “What’s Your Best Work?”

In the coming months, we will be introducing some new series of featured  posts on the blog.  We want to shine the spotlight on you, and we want to share all the exciting things happening in our creative community.  So we will be asking for your help to let us know what’s going on in our community. Want to help? Great! Answer the call for submissions. For our first new series, we want to know “What’s Your Best Work?”

Which one of your projects do you feel is your best work? Why? Is it a really beautiful design? Does it represent a great collaboration with a client? Was the project itself meaningful to you? Did it have a great impact? Is it just really cool?

If you’d like us to showcase your best work, please send us image(s) (640 x 480) of your project, a brief description of the project (about 500 words), and tell us why you feel it is your best work. Please include credits for the artwork, and the names and links of those who collaborated on the project.

Send your submission to amy.lyons@raleigh.aiga.org


Designer: Amy Lyons

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