Designers benefit from being content creators

Every month at our Community Meeting, we begin by going around the room and introducing our selves and saying why we are here. We consistently hear that people have come to network, get inspired, learn new skills, and to get involved. Through my years of involvement with AIGA Raleigh, I have discovered a way to do four with one activity. What’s the secret? I became a content creator.

Browse around our website (after reading this post, of course) and you’ll see my byline more than a few times. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or our LinkedIn group and you will discover content I’ve created and curated. As the learning process never stops, I’m always seeking out ideas, information, and inspiration, and when I find something useful or interesting I want to share it with our community. My writing skills have improved and I am developing my writing style. It’s rewarding when I  read or hear  positive comments about how people enjoyed or found the content I’ve shared helpful. It lets me know my contributions are valued and appreciated. Never was this so true as when Rebecca Sears, managing editor of AIGA.org contacted me to request permission to republish one of my posts on the national AIGA website. That was so exciting and such an honor.

As the saying goes, “sharing is caring,” and I want to share this great opportunity that I have been given to share ideas, get inspired, and be a part of a bigger conversation and community. So I invite you to join the AIGA Raleigh Content Team.

We have this amazing opportunity to do what we want with these resources to extend our goal of creating a place where design thrives. We know we have an engaged audience. We know people are reading it. The content we create will get noticed! So, knowing that…what great things can we do together? The AIGA Raleigh blog is like a race car. It just needs a few drivers!

If you’ve ever thought of starting a blog, or even have one, but have trouble finding the time to keep up with it, this is a great way to share your ideas without making a huge commitment. We have a big stage and a big audience. Maybe even a national audience. AIGA provides the opportunity to be part of a bigger conversation and community.

How designers benefit from being content creators:





Learn new skills


Contribute to creative community


This is just a short list of the opportunities and rewards of being a content creator/curator. Writing, research and interview skills are important and valuable skills that will make you a better designer; and being able to communicate your ideas effectively is an essential skill for any creative professional.

 Content Types







Join the team

So are you ready to join the team and start creating and sharing great content? Great! Email blog@raleigh.aiga.org and let’s talk. Don’t worry if you don’t have ideas yet, I’ve got lot’s of them to help you get started. I’ve added some of them to the presentation I gave at this month’s community meeting. Check it out and see what inspires you.

Thanks to Jonathan Opp for contributing to this post.

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