5 reasons why you and your boss want you at Hopscotch Design Festival


On September 3rd and 4th, Hopscotch Design Festival will gather makers, thinkers, storytellers, and re-inventors from Dublin to Durham to share ideas and foster conversations. 

An event not to miss, Hopscotch Design Fest will shine a light on local, national and international talent. We’ll explore graphic design, user experience, urban planning, food and more. And if that isn’t motivation enough, here are the top 5 reasons why AIGAers should attend Hopscotch Design Fest to become a part of uniting people who are engaged in designing the future.




  1. 35 hand-picked speakers who are doing inspiring work in graphic design, user experience design, urban planning, technology, architecture, music, food and film.




  1. Just like Hopscotch, we’ve curated an event with discovery in mind. If you trust the Hopscotch Music Festival to bring you great music, let the Hopscotch Design Festival bring you great ideas.




  1. We’re designing this conference around helping you connect with people who share a common purpose.




  1. We’ve all seen how downtown Raleigh comes alive for Hopscotch music. Imagine that same experience, but with designers, architects, creatives—people who are passionate about the same things you are. No travel required.




  1. Two days, 35 speakers, social events—for $150. If you’ve already got a VIP pass for Hopscotch Music, it’s only $75.


Get your tickets today and find out more about speakers and upcoming promotions at hopscotchdesignfest.com.
By Tracy Maniaci
Published August 27, 2014