We create a place where designing thrives for everyone.


Elected Board

Joseph Schlosser and Hannah Hoffman, Co-Presidents

Lenny Terenzi, Vice President

Amy Lyons, Director of Operations

Lydia Kuekes, Director of Ability

Niki Litts, Director of Impact

Caryn Sterling, Director of Uniting People

Sophia Hitchcock, Director of Storytelling

Chelsea Brown, Director of Communications


Advisory Board

Laura Hamlyn, Past President, Ex-Officio

Jonathan Opp, Past President, Ex-Officio

Joe Schram, Past President, Ex-Officio


Community Board

Maura McDonald, Chair of Member Experience

Matt Stevens, Chairs of In-House Programming

Jacqueline McAdams, Chair of Education

Ashley Katz and Sarah Harrington, Co-Chairs Student Portfolio Review

Open, Co-Chairs Mentorship Program

Mayshanna Pandora Briscoe, Chair of B-Side Programming

Emily Brearey, Chair of Fresh Cut Films

Chris Davis, Chair of Chapter Field Trips

Taylor Cashdan, Design Empowerment Chair

Kaliq Ray, Chair of Storytelling

Lauri Maerov, Chief Writing Evangelist

Alisa Herr, Women Lead Chair

Ricky Rodriguez, Chair of Design for Good