Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey, did you hear we’re putting on our first ever Halloween bash!!!!!

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We are so excited about it and one thing we can’t wait to see is all the costumes people come up with. As creatives and makers, there are bound to be some amazingly original and unique costumes. So, yeah, we’re going to have a costume contest, and there will be more than one chance to take home a costume award as there are multiple categories.

As fun as it is to DIY an elaborate costume, it can also be time-consuming and we know free time is hard to come by, so we’ve pulled together this list of last-minute costumes ideas.

  • Wednesday Addams
    Layer a black dress over a collared shirt and put your hair in braids. If you’ve got time to pick up some white or gray halloween make-up for your face and do a smokey eye.
  • Upside down Ice Cream Cone
    Dress in all white. Paint popsicle sticks in bright colors then glue safety pins to the of them and pin to your outfit. Cut a sheet of brown construction paper in a diagonal and roll into a cone. Use bobby pins to attach to your head or glue to a headband.
  • Holly Go Lightly
    A black dress, pearls, sunglasses, and an updo will transform you into the iconic character. If you can find them, elbow-length black gloves will complete the outfit.
  • Pumpkin Pie
    Glue a small fake pumpkin to a headband. Make a felt Greek letter pi and glue to an orange shirt.
  • Breadwinner
    Wear a bright colored shirt, don a fake medal, and grab a loaf of bread and declare yourself a breadwinner.
  • Fork in the Road
    Wear all black, cut strips of white felt and attach to shirt like road lines. Then glue a plastic fork to your shirt.
  • Ceiling Fan
    Use black adhesive letters to spell out “Go Ceiling” on a colored t-shirt. Grab some pom poms and you’re a ceiling fan.
  • Movie Theater Floor
    Wear all black and glue empty candy boxes and popcorn to your shirt. Bonus design some movie ticket stubs and attach those too.
  • Deviled Egg
    Glue a yellow circle of felt to a white shirt, don some devil ears and a tail.
  • Chip on your Shoulder
    Glue a snack size bag of potato chips to your shoulder. Coordinate your shirt color with the chip bag (because you know, designers)
  • Operation Game
    Wear a gray shirt and sweat pants. Cut the Operation game pieces out in what and slightly larger game pieces in red. Glue the white to the red then attach to your clothes in the appropriate places.
  • Pop Tart
    Paint a large piece of cardboard to look like your favorite Pop Tart flavor. Add a rope at the top loop around your neck.






44 Homemade Halloween Costumes


By Amy Lyons
Published October 14, 2018