AIGA Triad North Carolina Signing Party Success!

On Thursday September 6th AIGA Triad North Carolina took a huge step towards becoming our very own chapter by hosting a successful “Signing Party.” Over 30 local Triad Creatives showed up to participate in this historic occasion. Our goal for the “Signing Party” was to get 20 current AIGA members to sign the new chapter petition to send off to AIGA national to let them know our intentions for starting a new chapter. And we hit our goal! 20 current members stepped up and inscribed their names making our “Signing Party” a success. We’re looking forward to continuing the process of becoming a chapter and giving the Triad design community the recognition it deserves.

We want to thank Geographics for sponsoring the food and drinks for the event and M Creative for hosting the party at their beautiful Winston-Salem office. Thanks also goes out to those 20 members who signed the petition and the over 30 Triad Creatives who attended the party.

Make sure to follow us to track our progress to becoming AIGA’s newest chapter!

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By Andy Kurtts
Published September 13, 2012