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Local Museums & Galleries


NC State University, Gregg Museum of Art & Design

Streaming: New Art from Old Bottles
September 27, 2012–December 16, 2012

Here is a rare opportunity to take part in creating a major hands-on artwork alongside well known environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck. Using thousands of plastic bottles and other recyclables, participants will work together to build an installation in the Gregg Museum galleries as part of the museum’s fall exhibition lineup.

Art without Artists
Co-curated by John Foster and Roger Manley
September 27–December 16, 2012

Art Without Artists is a show that asks lots of intriguing questions. If someone casually takes a snapshot, and then years later someone else happens to recognize that it is a great photograph, who is the artist—the one who took the picture, or the one who recognized it? Do photographers ever really make works of art, do they just choose them or do they only find them? Can anyone take credit for happy accidents? What about abstract painters?

Focal objects by Renee Stout, Kevin Sampson and Odinga Tyehimba
September 27–December 16, 2012

SPIRIT-FIRE-SHAKE presents works by three African-American artists that evoke shrines and altars, but are perhaps best described as “focal objects,” a term Tibetan Buddhists use to refer to physical things that encourage spiritual concentration.

NC State University College of Design


2012 SEGD Exhibition and Experience Design Symposium:

The Art of Collaboration
October 4–5, 2012
Special AIGA rate for this event! View details here.

The Art of Collaboration, SEGD’s 2012 Exhibition & Experience Design Symposium, will explore the impact of collaboration on design processes and outcomes.

Meredith College 

Wax Foundations: Encaustic in the Southeast
September 9, 2012–October 28, 2012
Frankie G. Weems Art Gallery, Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center

Eleven artists from North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina contribute works that explore the idea of texture and depth through the medium of encaustic. Wax and pigment are combined to create lush, layered works that speak to the versatility of this medium.

Natural Settings: Botanical Art by Susan Aldworth, Marilyn Bass, Claire Miller and Patricia Savage
September 12, 2012–November 11, 2012
Rotunda Gallery, Johnson Hall

These four artists explore the world of plants from different perspectives, in different styles and in media including pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor, oils, pastels and cut paper.

North Carolina Museum of Art

Minor White, Devil’s Slide, San Mateo County, California, 1948, gelatin-silver print, 6 x 9 3/8 in., Reproduced with permission of the Minor White Archive, Princeton University Art Museum, © 2012 Trustees of Princeton University

A Discerning Eye: Julian T. Baker Jr. Photography Collection
June 17, 2012–December 2, 2012

Spanning over 100 years, from 1903 to 2005, the gift includes iconic images by Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Harry Callahan, Allen Frame, Lee Friedlander, Graciela Iturbide, Kenneth Josephson, Michael Kenna, Dorothea Lange, Danny Lyon, Sally Mann,…


Shaun Richards, The Campaign, 2011, acrylic, mixed media, oil, and gold leaf on canvas, 96 x 121 inches, Courtesy of the artist, © 2011 Shaun Richards

Word Up: The Intersection of Text and Image
June 22, 2012–January 20, 2013

In an era increasingly dominated by mass media and characterized by a constant barrage of information, text has taken on significance as both a conveyor and inhibitor of meaning, particularly when combined with visual resources. Featuring nearly 30 paintings and drawings, including some that have never been exhibited, Word Up: the Intersection of Text and Image highlights the work of six contemporary North Carolina artists with a common denominator in their oeuvres: the use of text in two-dimensional art. Word Up will feature work from Mathew Curran, Lincoln Penn Hancock, Nathaniel Lancaster, Shaun Richards, Gabriel Shaffer, and Derek Toomes.

Project 35
August 19, 2012–June 2, 2013

Project 35 is an eclectic compilation of works exploring video as a contemporary art medium. Selected by an international group of 35 curators, the videos in this yearlong series present the work of 35 contemporary video artists from around the world and demonstrate how important and far-reaching video is as a medium for contemporary artists. 

Edvard Munch: Symbolism in Print
Setpember 23, 2012–February 10, 2013

The great Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863–1944) created some of the most visually arresting and psychologically powerful images in the history of art. Best known in popular culture for his painting The Scream, Munch explored through paintings and prints the turbulent emotional landscapes of modern life and the anguished silence of the individual. 

Ongoing Exhibitions:

John James Audubon’s The Birds of America
Rodin Court and Garden
West Building

Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) Raleigh

Form Special: Solar Projects and Site Collages
Andy Hall
June 15–October 8, 2013

FORM SPECIAL is an exhibition that changes the way you think about design just as contemporary design is changing the way we live in the world. Design affects all aspects of our lives and holds the possibility of changing the very nature of human life itself. FORM SPECIAL is an exhibition grounded in a provocative proposition. Design orchestrates unique life situations by revealing exciting material encounters. It is a celebration of the unique arenas of making/design/art where the objects and built environments have the potential to deliver potent ideas for contemplation and discovery.

Girl Talk: Women and Text
September 24–January 14, 2013
Featured Artists are listed above in provided image.

GirlTalk: Women and Text explores the construct of language, its persistent ambiguity and shifting character in the age of new media. Featured work represents a diverse range of artistic styles ranging from political textiles to large scale installations that employ portions of texts as building blocks. This exhibition takes its title from common nomenclature; “girl talk” is a term that emerged in the 1990s to describe a sense of belonging and conversations between women.

Visual Art Exchange

N.E.W. [Never Exhibited Works] Show
September 7­–27, 2012

The N.E.W. Show will feature some of the newest, most innovative works around! All work should be original, completed within the past year, and never previously exhibited anywhere else. Juried by Seth Thompson, Curatorial Assistant of Modern & Contemporary Art, High Museum, Atlanta, GA. Up to two entries per artist.

Art Space

To Weave. To Stack. To Stain.
Jonathan Brilliant
August 3, 2012–September 15, 2012

Artspace weclomes Jonathan Brilliant as the 2012 Summer Artist-in-Residence. For the month of July, Jonathan will welcome visitors to his  temporary studio, Artspace’s Gallery One, while he focuses on creating a large-scale installation comprised on simple objects such as coffee stirrers and plastic coffee lids. Jonathan will spend the residency creating an installation  that will open in conjunction with the August 3rd First Friday Gallery Walk.


Underwater: Interpreting the Foreclosure Crisis
Joelle Dietrick & David H. Wells
September 7, 2012–October 27, 2012

Underwater: Interpreting the Foreclosure Crisis, features the works of Joelle Dietrick and David H. Wells. Dietrick’s two-dimensional works and projected animation and Wells’ photographs and audio collage, present two different perspectives on the same theme, namely, the housing crisis.


De Rerum Natura
Madonna Phillips
September 7– 29, 2012

Literature often influences Madonna Phillips’ artwork. This body of work was created after the artist read Swerve (How the World Became Modern), in which the reader is taken on a quest to rediscover the didactic 50 BCE poem by Lucretious, De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things).


Everything That Wants to Say Yes
Lincoln Hancock
September 7–29, 2012

 The title of this show, EVERYTHING THAT WANTS TO SAY YES, is a mantra Hancock adapted from poet William Carlos Williams. In an essay called “Against the Weather,” Williams describes how the tyranny of dead and copied forms inherited from the past — “the accumulated weight of a thousand voices” — admonish attempts to evoke new truths. “The structure of the old is active, it says no!,” the poet warns. Hancock notes that he calls upon “’everything that wants to say yes’ as I move forward with my own practice. I acknowledge the traditions and history that inform my moves, while working in spite of them to embrace the new.”

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By Kristin Fowler
Published September 8, 2012