Dine & Draw creates an exquisite corpse

At our October Dine & Draw event, Fab Bianchi led us in two Exquisite Corpse exercises. First we split up into groups of three. Each person in the roup was given a sheet of paper folded in thirds. We drew the “head” first extending lines from the bottom of our drawing slightly to reach into the next pane, then passed the paper to the next person. They drew the “body” and passed it on to the next person to draw the “legs.” Because the paper remained folded to hide the previous pane, no one knew what they were adding their drawing to. After all three panes were filled we unfolded the paper and viewed our corpses. Here are a few:








In the second exercise, each attendee was given a sheet of paper, blank except for tick marks at the top and bottom of the page. What to draw between the marls was up to each individual. Once we completed our individual drawings, we lined them up matching the tick marks from each page to another. This is the final result:

Photos by Amy Lyons and Mark Gozzo, video by Amy Lyons

By Amy Lyons
Published November 6, 2014