Dine & Draw at Viget

Where are we this month?
Big thanks to Emily Bloom at Viget for stepping up and asking us to come to Viget! Viget is a stunning example of an agency that gets it all right. Thier work is top tier and the culture they create for all who work for them and thier families is a breath of fresh air. All located in downtown Durham which is a hotbed of creativity. 

What about the dining?
There are a lot of dining options available in downtown Durham but I thought we would do Bull City Burger. We did this for the Brian Allen Dine & Draw but it was very last minute so I will make it official this time.

"So what is this Dine & Draw thing?"
Simply put it is just a social gather of people who want to get back in touch or stay in touch with what led us to creative careers in the first place. Drawing. As kids we all drew pictures. Some of us carried on into adulthood and some of us stopped. We all need to get back in touch with that side of us. You simply will not do your best work on a computer if you do not spend time with pencil and paper.

There is no instruction or format. We may have some idea starters and games but it is a social gathering. Draw, letter, or just chat away. Ask people about tools and techniques. Make friends! 

We cannot stress this enough... If you THINK you can't draw or letter COME ANYWAY!! Everyone CAN draw and letter its just that you don't. Crack open your creativity in new ways!
When & Where
Thu, Apr 24, 2014 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
202 Rigsbee Avenue
Durham, NC 27701