Greater Expectations: How to Improve Retention Using Mind Control with Lisa Smith

Presented by AIGA Raleigh as part of the Women Lead Initiative

We’ve stopped telling people that they CAN’T work in technology, but what support exists to keep them once they enter the profession? This talk examines research surrounding personality, behavior, and expectations as tools to build a solid, team-based approach to retention.

Great effort is concentrated on bringing underrepresented populations into our profession but women, people of color, and non-binary folks leave at a rate 2 times higher than white, cisgendered men. Rosenthal and his rats demonstrate how expectations change performance. Mischel and his marshmallows show us that personality is influenced by situations and is malleable. Recognizing these factors and using Karen Holtzblatt’s findings from the Women In Tech project, we can build the support structures needed to make real and lasting changes in team culture in order to improve retention and move everyone forward.

Proceeds from this event will benefit AIGA's scholarship fund.

When & Where
Tue, Apr 25, 2017 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT
New Media Campaigns
110 East Main Street
Carrboro, NC 27510