Homegrown: Heather Allen – So, You Can Design It—But Can You Communicate It?

So, You Can Design It—But Can You Communicate It?

Artists and designers are visionary problem solvers with the technical skills to bring ideas to life. But it takes effective communication of that talent to keep business coming in the door. In this Homegrown, Heather Allen shares customer-focused expertise and marketing strategies from her work with visual artists.

  • Increase Your Sales: Whether it's a new logo or a complete brand overhaul, learn the secret to unlocking your customer's real needs and desires so that a one-time project brings new business in the door.

  • Leverage PR: American cowboy Will Rogers is famous for saying, "Get someone else to blow your horn and the sound will carry twice as far." In this talk, Heather will share 3 ways freelance designers can leverage PR, get their name out to the masses, and "level up" to more profits.

Here is a blurb from an interview we did with Heather:

Tell us a success story about an artist or someone you've worked with who came to you to help improve their business.
I’ll tell you a story about a reluctant artist who I absolutely loved working with. We’ll call him “Greg.”
Greg left a career in commercial design—but not by choice. He was incredibly talented and worked with a team of designers for years, but found himself on his own with little desire to return to his field. Coincidentally, he discovered his late to surface passion for watercolors. His style is incredibly unique, and so is his story—he grew up in Hollywood in the 1950’s. So he decided to make a go at being a professional artist.
When Greg and I started working together, he had nothing to show for his talent. No website, no sales, no awards, no plans. That quickly changed. I helped him pull together his visuals and story into a cohesive identity; identified the best markets for his work, and got him prepared to meet opportunity half way.
Once he started showing his work to the public, it was like a domino effect in the best of ways. He was back to his confident self. Every opportunity presented a new opportunity. You see, that’s just what happens when you’re prepared. I specialize in preparation and transition. At the end of the day, when someone can take what I’ve helped them with and run with it on their own, I’ve done my job.

Read the full interview with Heather here...

Heather received a dual-Masters in Innovation and Business Administration in 2010 after an early career in architecture. She combines business with her undergraduate background in art and design to help artists earn more for their craft. She is the author of Let Your Creativity Work for You: How to Turn Artwork into Opportunity, which hits shelves in November. 

Learn more about how Heather helps creatives earn more at HeatherAllenOnline.com. Join us at 18 Seaboard on November 11!


Homegrown, a Lunch & Learn series from AIGA Raleigh

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