For Your Consideration

At AIGA Raleigh, our full Board roster is comprised of the chapter’s Elected, Community, Advisory, and Student boards. The Elected Board turns over every two years, and new candidates are submitted to the chapter’s membership as a group (or “slate”) for an up or down vote.

Active members of AIGA Raleigh will receive a special email that contains a link for voting on the slate of candidates for the Elected Board—the link is good for one week. Voting ends at midnight on May 16th, 2012. If you are an active member of AIGA Raleigh and have not received the email with the poll link, contact us and we’ll make sure you receive the opportunity to vote.

Below is the Elected Board up for vote now, followed by the full Board roster as of May 1st, 2012.


Elected Board (through May 2014)

Joe Schram & Jonathan Opp, Co-Presidents

Laura Hamlyn, Vice President

Jason Horner, Director of Unite People programming

Mike Esser, Director of Brand

Maura McDonald, Director of Finance

Amy Lyons, Director of Community Resources

Kristin Fowler & Jayne Worth, Co-Directors of Emerging Designer programming


Advisory Board

Matthew Muñoz, President Ex-Officio

Mike Joosse, AIGA National

Nation Hahn, Director of Communications

Greg DeKoenigsberg, Community-Building Advisor


Community Board

Brian Crawford, Pursuit Fund Director

Ethan Geyer, Web Design Director

Andy Kurtts, Chapter Ambassador

Seth Patrick, Town Hall Director

Jason Rizzo, Design Community Archivist

Toby Roan & Colleen Simon, Co-Directors of Design Exhibitions

Michael Whaley, Event Producer

Cindy Wilcox, Community Organizer


Student Advisors

Stephen Byrd – Alamance Community College

Rich Griffis – East Carolina University

Tim Rosenberg, North Carolina State University

By Joe Schram
Published May 8, 2012