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You may have heard the term “usability” or even UX design. But what does usability really mean? Apple summed up usability requirements for its products with the term “It just works.” That’s how they can get away with delivering iPads without instruction manuals. It just works. Perhaps usability is at its best when it’s invisible. So if you want to become a more informed web designer, or want to bolster your ability to make life easier for people, join us for this Homegrown event. Our speaker, Todd Moy, will focus on key areas where designing for human emotion can improve our user’s perception of usability.

Connect with Todd before the event (email or twitter) and let him know what you’d like to learn about User Experience Design.

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Todd Moy
Senior User Experience Designer | Viget Labs

Todd is a Sr. UX Designer at Viget Labs, is a web consulting firm with offices in DC, Durham, and Boulder. Over the past decade, Todd has led user-centered design efforts for clients including PUMA, Deloitte, Epic Games, and the U.S. Postal Service. He’s enamored with human cognition, perception, and emotion and believes designing with these at the forefront leads to compelling user experiences.

By Maura McDonald
Published April 10, 2012