Homegrown | Choosing Raleigh: Because Brooklyn Doesn’t Need Another Designer

Brooklyn. Portland. San Francisco. Raleigh? We’ve all made investments by being here, working here, living here. Be they intellectual, emotional, financial, or otherwise. But why exactly are we here? Raleigh isn’t renowned as a creative hub of the world. But there is something about this place, isn’t there. Chances are you’ve had a similar conversation. AIGA support group? “I’m Josh, I’m a designer, and I’ve chosen to live in Raleigh.” Hi Josh. Perhaps not. But let’s talk Raleigh (maybe even air our grievances). Then I’ll share my thoughts on the unique opportunities this area provides to a freelancer like myself and things we can do to help strengthen our creative class.

Josh Gajownik

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I design for brands: big and small, corporate and cultural, collective and individual. I believe we all have brands, each with more than simply what it looks like. Reputations influenced by any number of experiences, both by design and coincidence.

My interests mix how it works with why it works. I first studied aerospace engineering. I’ve always maintained a fascination with how. But in my initial studies I found that empiricism extends far beyond science, into the humanities and the arts. I believe design lives at the intersection of these three practices and as with science, observation and experimentation drive truly meaningful design.

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By Maura McDonald
Published February 15, 2013