Iconathon 2012

The Noun Project is heading to Durham on Saturday, Feb. 25 for the first Iconathon of 2012! The co-founders of the open-sourced visual library of symbols and icons are traveling to Cree, Inc. to help develop a symbols for energy-efficiency. Cree Inc.,  a local LED lighting manufacturer, is sponsoring the collaborative design workshop. The resulting icons will be made available to both the public and private sectors on TheNounProject.com to help communicate energy-efficiency concepts needed in civic design.

The event will begin with a presentation about Symbol Design & User Comprehension by Edward Boatman, co-founder & Creative Director of The Noun Project. Space is limited, so please RSVP here: http://iconathondurham.eventbrite.com/

More information about Iconathon and The Noun Project can be found here:

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By Ginny Skalski
Published February 11, 2012