Everyone has their own reasons why they are a member of AIGA Raleigh. We want to hear yours.

We want to hear the reasons why you have chosen to be a part of the AIGA Raleigh design community, and why it’s important to you and your career.

At a recent monthly AIGA Raleigh community meeting, we asked everyone why they attended and their personal reasons for wanting to participate. We wanted to use this blog to open up the discussion even further.

As we continue to create the messages we want to tell about our chapter and the stories we want to share on our site, we wanted to hear what you gain from your membership. We want to collect as many stories as possible to find recurring themes and some new and compelling ways to express them.

So why are you a member? I can give you a few of my reasons:

  • I identify with designers. I love the exchange of ideas that happens at every AIGA event I’ve ever attended and every conversation with community members I’ve ever had.
  • I like working in an organization of like-minded volunteers. We’re always working to test new skills and expand our knowledge. AIGA is a safe place to learn.
  • I like making connections. Both for myself, and for helping other people connect. Nothing makes me happier than being able to link a company looking for creative help with a knowledgable professional.
  • I’ve made lasting friendships, beneficial business relationships, and have had the chance to work with some of the most talented creative professionals in Raleigh.
  • I believe together we can elevate our profession and make this area a better place for anyone who makes their career of creative work.

What are yours?

Please take a moment and send your ideas to whyaiga@raleigh.aiga.org send them via Tweet to @aigaraleigh or using the hashtag #aigaNC. You can also add them as comments on Facebook at AIGA Raleigh’s page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

By Jonathan Opp
Published May 8, 2011