2013 Youth Expressions Art Project Exhibition

The Youth Expressions Art Project (YEAP) Exhibition is an annual event produced by The Art Education Programs of Pitt County, Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge, East Carolina University College of Fine Arts and Communication, and The City of Greenville Police Department, along with support from various local sponsors.


This is the seventh year of the project. Beginning in 2006, the project and exhibit is an effort to create community awareness by creating art reflecting the problems and issues that local students, were experiencing in their daily lives.


The Exhibition showcases local student artwork from Pitt County schools, grades Kindergarten through High School and is focused on a specific theme. Previous YEAP themes include: Say No to Drugs and Alcohol, Space Exploration, Science, and biology, and Physical Fitness. The theme for 2013 is Habitats, Ecosystems, & Surfaces.


The 2013 Youth Expressions Art Project invites students to think about the interconnectedness of habitats, surfaces and ecosystems by creating original artwork. Students explore the relationships of balanced ecosystems for life on land, in the water, and in space, with the role of human responsibility coming to the forefront.


To promote the project and exhibition, elements of student artwork were incorporated into the promotional materials for the event, giving them a one-of-a-kind and personal nature. The goal was to produce professional-level marketing materials, while also involving the teachers and students in creating something to be proud of while giving something back to the Pitt County/Greenville community.


The 2013 Youth Expressions Art Project Exhibition will be on display in The Greenville Mall Grand Court, April 14 – 24 and is free to the public.


By Josh Vaughn
Published April 7, 2013