Student Portfolio Review

AIGA Raleigh is happy to announce that the 2017 AIGA Raleigh Student Portfolio Review: The Hot Seat Edition is scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 21st at PointSource in downtown Raleigh.

AIGA Raleigh Student Portfolio Review Promo from SOMO Studios on Vimeo.

The AIGA Raleigh Student Portfolio Review is an event established for senior, undergraduate level students that are beginning their transformation into emerging designers. As a volunteer, you will be able to network with fellow designers and professionals, build upon your skill set while giving back and making an impact in your design community.

Current Students: We’d love for you to volunteer, pitch in, and help manage the event. Have the ability to interact and network with design professionals in the Triangle area as well as get a taste for what the Student Portfolio Review is like!

Emerging Designers: Volunteer to assist the Directors, manage the event, and have the opportunity to network with local design professionals as well as students. As you’ve just completed your transition into the design industry, you’re aware of what it takes to land that first design job and know the influence that feedback has on your work. We’d love to have your leadership and insight to make this year a success.


If you have specific questions about the Student Portfolio Review, please contact the AIGA Director of Operations, Amy Lyons.