Mentor Program

AIGA Raleigh is proud to launch the 2017 session of the Mentor Program. This session will expand to include both emerging designers and peer-to-peer relationships to give designers at each stage of their careers the opportunity for a mentor experience. The 2017 session will also have more slots for participants than the first pilot session.

Mentees will be paired with a seasoned professional with at least five years of experience in a common discipline and who is open to sharing their knowledge, insights, and advice. Each pairing will establish goals for the session and embark on a self-guided experience, with monthly meet-ups with the rest of the session participants to engage with other mentor pairings along the journey. The session will culminate in a group gathering where each pairing can share their experience and what they learned along the way.

The program is free for Mentors and $20 for Mentees and will run February 2017 through June 2017. We’ll provide mentees with an introduction to a like-minded professional, and together each pair will create their own schedule and time commitment over the course of the four-month program. Along the way, we’ll provide helpful suggestions and encouragement.

Program Sponsor

Nest logo

This year’s Mentor Program is sponsored by Nest Raleigh. In addition to donating their space for events, Nest is offering Mentees 2 free days of coworking and conference room usage for each month of the program.

Nest Raleigh is a coworking, free coffee and conference room space for anyone launching their career. To join Nest visit: