5 Reasons Why Mentorship is Important to your Career

Most mentors aren’t given an official title, and may even be a peer, but they all certainly help the development of our careers, and especially help in the following ways:

ONE – They give honest feedback and support, especially on your portfolio, resume and interview skills.

TWO – They help you avoid the mistakes they made on their career journey.

THREE – You get the benefit of their customized advice, just for you, from a neutral perspective.
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FOUR – Gain advice from a professional who’s walked in your shoes and learn how to get a job in their position.
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FIVE – And sometimes, mentor relationships turn into a long-lasting friendship.
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Sound enticing? Ready to get started? Emerging Designers up to three years out of school have the unique opportunity to foster relationships with local area mentors by participating in AIGA Raleigh’s Pilot Mentorship Program in the spring of 2016.

The program will focus on a limited amount of mentor/mentee pairings designed to fertilize the career growth and professional success of emerging designers. As a mentee, you’ll be paired with a seasoned professional who has experience in your preferred discipline and who is open to sharing their knowledge, insights and advice with you.

Applications are open for mentors and mentees until November 9. Slots are filling up, so make sure to apply as soon as possible!

By Courtney Leach
Published November 5, 2015