Changes to the Constitution & By-laws of AIGA Raleigh

It’s that time again—AIGA Raleigh members are now voting on the Board’s official slate of candidates to the Elected Board for the 2014-2016 term.

Since the last election of Directors in 2012, the Board of AIGA Raleigh has passed changes to the Constitution & By-laws of the organization.

What’s new? In brief, here are the top 6 highlights:

  • The purpose and mission of AIGA Raleigh are defined in the document for the first time, and a commitment to community-first, open-source organizing principals around governance, participation, documentation, and transparency are defined in detail.
  • The Board of AIGA Raleigh is defined as the superset of our Elected, Community, and Advisory Boards, and those groupings are detailed with regard to term, appointment, and responsibilities.
  • The historical name of the organization, AIGA Raleigh, is explained in contrast with our geographic area of focus, which extends past one city to include the whole Triangle and a large region of North Carolina.
  • Every six years, starting in 2015, the Board of AIGA Raleigh will now perform a full Community Review of the organization’s By-laws & Constitution, engaging the greater design community to weigh in on revising the goals, purpose, and governance of AIGA Raleigh.
  • After four years of strong attendance and positive feedback, the production and hosting of the chapter’s monthly Community Meeting—which is free and open to all members, non-members, and to the public—is now a required part of the Board’s ongoing responsibilities to ensure engagement with the greater design community.
  • Membership tiers have been modified to reflect the sweeping changes made official by the AIGA national organization in 2013.


Learn more about the chapter’s current governance by reviewing the full document, and as a precursor to next year’s Community Review process, we welcome your feedback in the comments below!


By Joe Schram
Published June 24, 2014