Counting Down to the Principals’ Principles

It’s official – there’s only one week before The Principals’ Principles! As an account manager, I love events like this because I get to meet new people, but I’m excited for the design community as a whole for several reasons.
The Speakers

  • Dylan Bost (Ulanguzi)
  • Ed Collevecchio (Creative Associates)
  • Woody Holliman (Flywheel Design)
  • Deborah Loercher (Anoroc Agency)
  • Beverly Murray (R+M Agency)

How many times in your career have you been able to have a frank conversation with so many creative leaders? Take advantage of the informal setting and get answers to your questions that you would never get in a business meeting.

The Format
Be ready for a lively discussion! Most of us work in a field were interaction is key, and this event is no different. You’re encouraged to come armed with questions – difficult questions. You’re also encouraged to discuss, bring a different perspective to the issue or flat out disagree. The Principals areready to talk WITH you, not AT you.

The Questions
The Questions have been gathering for quite a few months now, and there are a couple that will definitely cause some ripples. We’ve been gathering your questions from subreddits, blogs, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and it’s apparent that there is a lot of excitement for this event.

Join Us!

  • Wednesday, April 20th
  • 6:30 PM
  • Burns Auditorium

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Many thanks to our creative team:
Designer: Amy Lyons
Writer: Jamie Lee

By Kelty Brittle
Published April 15, 2011