Design for Good: Call for Action

Design for Good needs your help! We’d like to feature you, all of the creative minds that make up our chapter for the upcoming Made Good event.

We’re relaunching the Window Project and you can help us in three easy steps:

1. Identify the problem with a picture. Find something that bothers you, something that you’d like to see changed, something that you regularly interact with in your surroundings. Now snap a picture of it to document the location or situation you find yourself routinely getting frustrated with.

2. Think about your normal reaction. Once you’ve identified that problem visually, take a minute to think about how you would normally react. Do you blow it off, do you complain to your friends, do you yell in rage?

3. What is your first step to make a change? After you’ve thought about your normal reaction, try turning it into an action. Ask yourself what would be your first step towards making a change. It might not be the right solution, or the best solution, but this shift in mindset is half the battle.

Write your problem along with a short sentence describing your solution and send it to us along with your picture at Check out some examples from those who have already participated here.

And don’t forget to come to the Made Good event on September 26th to learn more about where Design for Good is headed in the future and how we’re going to foster the growth of the Window Project.

These images will be used during the event and on blog posts, so please note that it will be public facing.

By Hannah Hoffman
Published September 8, 2013