Design Mixer

Like the coals of a fire, we grow cold when alone, but when united we are a glorious blaze.
What is your fire? What do you create?

Join the AIGA at the Raleigh Design Mixer, for an evening of learning, collaboration to share your creative flare.

The Raleigh Design Mixer is intended to unite various Student and Professional Designers in the area, regardless of practice. You might create structural spaces, usable products or emotional experiences. Regardless of trade, tools or practice, we share common passion of creative thinking and visual problem solving. This passion unites us and ignites our creative fire.

For our First Raleigh Design Mixer:
We will begin the evening with speakers from diverse fields of Design in the Raleigh area with a Q&A session on “Creative Process” and “Collaboration.”
Next, we will host a Group Activity called:

Creative Connections

  • Each person places a business card in a bowl and is paired up with another Design Professional/ Student/Associate.
  • Together, they come up with at least one commonality (ex. Shared Values, Similar Design Process, Same Mission etc..)
  • They then draw a diagram on the white board with everyone else and draw potential connections for collaboration.
  • They will leave home with a new connection’s business card. A New Potential.

Then we will conclude the evening with a Social Mixer with light refreshments.

Bring your Business Cards, and Join Us at
at the Raleigh Forum
on Friday Nov. 4th for an unique and memorable experience:

Register Today, Space is limited:

*Interested in becoming the Featured Speaker at the next Raleigh Design Mixer?
Guests will be given invitation forms to fill out for next month’s mixer. For more information, email:

Tim Rosenberg
Design Council President


By Tim Rosenberg
Published October 17, 2011