Dine & Draw: Handlettering at Patrick Janes

Where are we this month?
Patrick Jane's in Cary (just a few doors down from Trader Joe's). Amazing pizza, sandwiches, apps, beer and a full bar. If you don't get the blueberry & bacon pizza, you're crazy. 

"So what is this Dine & Draw thing?"
Simply put it is just a social gather of people who want to get back in touch or stay in touch with what led us to creative careers in the first place. Drawing. As kids we all drew pictures. Some of us carried on into adulthood and some of us stopped. We all need to get back in touch with that side of us. You simply will not do your best work on a computer if you do not spend time with pencil and paper.

This month we're doing a rerun of Handlettering Tips & Tricks with Lydia Kuekes. Lydia will be sharing her favorite technical tricks for creating hand-drawn compositions of words & phrases. You'll even get a handy dandy resource sheet to take home with you. Please remember to bring pencil & paper!

We cannot stress this enough... If you THINK you can't draw or letter COME ANYWAY!! Everyone CAN draw and letter it's just that you don't. Crack open your creativity in new ways!

Why is this event $5? Didn't it used to be free?
Yup. After years of holding these free events when half the registered attendees would flake on us, we've found that folks are less likely to stand us up if they've paid a little something for their spot. Simply put - we're volunteers, we're spending time creating content for these events, and it hurts our feelings when you don't show. 

When & Where
Thu, Mar 29, 2018 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM EDT
Patrick Janes
1353 Kildaire Farm Road
Cary, NC 27511