Dine & Draw at Patrick Jane’s – 8 Minute Drawing Challenge

Where are we this month?
Patrick Jane's in Cary off of Kidaire Farm Road in the Shoppes of Kildaire. Right near Trader Joe's. Fantastic food from local NC Farms and sources!


"So what is this Dine & Draw thing?"
Simply put it is just a social gather of people who want to get back in touch or stay in touch with what led us to creative careers in the first place. Drawing. As kids we all drew pictures. Some of us carried on into adulthood and some of us stopped. We all need to get back in touch with that side of us. You simply will not do your best work on a computer if you do not spend time with pencil and paper. 


The 8 Minute Drawing Challenge. 

  • The 8 Minute Drawing Challenge (#8minutedraw) goes like this:
  • Pick a subject, could be anything. Like a dog, or a truck, or a helicopter, or a self portrait, or a tree house. Or whatever.
  • Grab a sheet of paper and divide it into 6 even sections.
  • When the timer starts you have 4 minutes to draw your subject in one of the sections.
  • When it beeps again you start another drawing in the second section, but this time you only have 2 minutes to draw it.
  • Then do it in 1 minute. Then 30 seconds. Then 15 seconds. And finally 5 seconds.
  • Now compare your drawings. We will post it online with the hashtag #8minutedraw


What should I bring?
Bring yourself, your favorite supplies and your winning personality!

We cannot stress this enough... If you THINK you can't draw or letter COME ANYWAY!! Everyone CAN draw and letter its just that you don't. Crack open your creativity in new ways!

***While this event is free, please register so we can notify you of any changes to the event. Thank you!*****
If you register and are unable to attend, please let us know using the Contact Organizer link below. Thanks!

When & Where
Wed, Feb 24, 2016 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Patrick Jane's
Shoppes of Kildaire
Cary, NC 27511