Homegrown: Held Hostage! Peaceful Client Negotiations

About Our Speaker
This month we're bringing back Homegrown with Tony Poillucci of VisionPoint Marketing in a session called "Held Hostage: A Guide to Peaceful Client Negotiations." Tony has spent over two decades in the trenches with his marketing, design and UX clients, which can sometimes require difficult conversations with huge implications. Tony's magical superpower is leading these challenging conversations in a measured, respectful way, while ultimately getting the project back on track and getting to the heart of the conflict, so he can make adjustments and stay on course. During this talk, Tony will share battle stories from some of his most difficult client situations, and one actual hostage story. He'll share lessons learned so you can handle your next difficult client interaction with confidence. 

You'll learn how to:

•  Navigate difficult situations professionally and in a way that leads to more effective work 
•  Turn even the most difficult critiques into opportunities for creating better work 
•  Connect with, and earn the respect of leadership
•  “Train” non-creatives (clients, leadership, etc) to respect you, your work and the value you bring as a creative
•  Push back: what to do when your client insists on a “bad” solution

About Homegrown
How do you stay relevant in an industry that is changing every day? As creative professionals, we know it can be overwhelming trying to keep up. That's why AIGA Raleigh crafted Homegrown—a quarterly lunch and learn series that brings local experts together to share what they know. Discover techniques to help you stay adaptable in different fields of design and leave with new, concrete skills to add to your toolbox.

When & Where
Tue, Apr 17, 2018 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM EDT
18 Seaboard
18 Seaboard Ave
Raleigh 27604