Good Reads

It’s almost the weekend, so what better time to catch up on some reading. If you are anything like me, you find so many interesting articles online that you want to read, but don’t have the time to read them all when you find them. I use ZooTool to bookmark all those articles that I want to read “when I have time.” I probably will never get through them all.

Since there is so much great information out there, we will occasionally put together a list of “Good Reads” to share what you might have missed (or forgotten that you wanted to go back and read.)

There seemed to be a lot of branding articles being tweeted about in the twittverse this week, so I thought Branding would be a good focus for our first Good Reads post.

Dan Pallotta’s article, A Logo Is Not A Brand, does a great job of demonstrating what a brand is and isn’t.

Nigel Hollis delivers his take on brand in his article, A Brand is Bigger Than Performance.

Check out this great infographic on storytelling in branding, in Maria Elena More’s article Mastering the Art of ‘Storytelling’ in Branding.

Here is another great infographic, showing What Makes People Follow A Brand. You might want to stick around this site and have a look at more of their fantastic infographics.

Jerry Holtaway explains the differences between emotional and emotive brands on the Emotivator blog.

Derrick Daye explains why The Logo Remains Supreme in his post on the Branding Strategy Insider Blog.

Chris Grams of New Kind asks (and answers) Why Does Brand Positioning Matter and What Must Change? This post is drawn from Chris’ soon to be released book, The Ad-Free Brand.

And speaking of AIGA member firm, New Kind, did you see the profile of the firm by the News & Observer this week?

Happy Reading!



By Amy Lyons
Published July 22, 2011