Growth: Form + Function on the web

Fall is right around the corner and what better way to quench your academic thirst than by sharpening you design skills. AIGA’s goal to build a stronger design community doesn’t stop with us. Fellow design advocate groups in the area also put on some great learning opportunities we think you should know about. Meet Growth, the latest section of our enewsletter. We can’t be experts at everything but we can point you to the people who know how it’s done right.

In the docket this round is UX101, a workshop presented by More Better Labs and TriUPA, Triangle Usability Professional Association. The three-evening workshop will change the way you think when making decisions about designing for the web. You may really love that cool JavaScript tabbed navigation but does your user?

User experience (UX) in general strives to make the web a pleasant place to visit. The concept of UX combines creative web design with the intuitive functionality. UX101 will introduce you to the general concepts, best practices, and useful skills such as testing methods in an intensive hands-on workshop.

Get ready to shift your web design paradigm, the workshop starts October 4th. Visit to get more information and to signup. Be sure to use user code AIGA to save $100.

For more information on More Better Labs visit their website And to learn more about TriUpa, visit


By Erica Nadworny
Published September 17, 2011