Homegrown | The World’s Fanciest Pen
Join us May 13 for our Homegrown on The World’s Fanciest Pen with Robb Leef
Leef is a multi-talented creative professional whose work spans logo design, custom  typography, traditional/digital illustration, packaging, posters, zines, screen-prints, and whatever else he can manage to get himself into.
Robb is also on the board of AIGA Philadelphia where he helps create programming for that chapter. He lived in Raleigh and recently moved back to Philly so we are very honored that he is making the trip back to NC to share his knowledge with us.
Robb will show us some of his workflows, shortcuts and techniques to make your illustrator work go faster, be more precise but still keep that hand done feel when translated from your analog (paper, pencil) concepts.
Check out Robb’s work at: http://rleef-portfolio.blogspot.com
By Maura McDonald
Published April 8, 2014