How to Speak Business (Without Really Trying)

Do you ever have trouble communicating effectively with the business owners or marketing directors who commission your design work? Do you ever feel confused or intimidated by the MBA-school lingo they toss into the conversation? This disconnect may not simply be a function of your limited business vocabulary, but also a difference in your mindset—which, if you’re like most designers, is driven largely by aesthetics, by your passion for beautiful design, color and typography. More often than not, all your client can think about is their falling market share and the urgent need to increase profitability. In this Lunch & Learn presentation, you’ll become acquainted with a variety of thought-provoking business concepts (as well as some empty buzz words to avoid). You’ll also learn how to ask the incisive questions about your client’s business strategy which can allay their anxiety and replace their negative stereotype of the designer as a self-absorbed decorator with a more positive image of a pragmatic, creative problem solver.

By Kelty Brittle
Published October 23, 2010