Introducing the Tobacco Road Rock Stars: AIGA Raleigh’s newest Town Square

Written by Seth Patrick

The purpose of the Tobacco Road RockStars is to network within the two creative areas outside the Raleigh city limits; Durham and Chapel Hill. Since they are united by the mythical Tobacco Road the name was plucked from the heavens in tribute. By alternating meetings between the two locations, we can bring the meeting to the creatives! It’s so easy to come up with excuses to miss meetings. Often it is the lack of desire to drive far, so for six months out of the year, creatives in either area would have no excuse not to come have a drink and a giggle.

We have held two meetings so far, the first in Durham at Fullsteam Brewery, the second at Pantana Bob’s in Chapel Hill and have attracted mostly illustrators, but we are open to all creatives. We’ve become acquainted and talked shop, and shared information like business contacts, places to get nice things produced at a good price, artist links and inspirational websites

While we’ve discussed a variety of topics, we’ve identified a need to unite and promote local artists in the Triangle. We could create a website similar to Each month, we’d post a topic and open it up to illustrators, photographers, designers, interactive artists (since we can post video) and so on. The creative’s info would be posted, as well as a link to their portfolio website. With the site moderated artists could share their comments/likes on the different submissions.

We hope you will attend our next meeting Wednesday, July 20th (in Durham, probably back at Fullsteam or in the American Tobacco District) to come meet your fellow Tobacco Road rock stars.

Writer: Seth Patrick
| Art Blog
Designer: Amy Lyons

By Amy Lyons
Published June 29, 2011