Meet our THRIVE Speakers: Scotty Russell

On February 23, AIGA Raleigh is hosting our first conference, THRIVE, a one-day supercharged creative conference that will inspire the creative leaders of today and tomorrow with a powerhouse of speakers. We have assembled a line-up of speakers from all over the United States to change the way you think about yourself, where you live, and the impact you can have on both.

To introduce you to our speakers, we asked them to answer a few questions. Meet Scotty Russell of Perspective­-Collective, the studio of Scotty Russell, a lettering artist and illustrator based out of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Some of his minor obsessions consist of drawing on everything he can find and anything to do with pizza. Outside of being an artist, he strives to encourage his creative peers. He does this through co-hosting monthly Drink & Draws, teaching workshops, public speaking, and his weekly Perspective Podcast. He’s a big advocate for making time to build something for yourself whether through freelance, side projects or your own business. In his spare time, you can catch him burning the pizza off in the gym and causing mischief with his partners in crime: his wife and cats

Please describe an experience you’ve had in your life that’s led you to feel more empowered as a creative.

The best thing I ever did for myself and for my creative career was getting out of my little bubble of Iowa and attending Creative South in 2015 even though I didn’t know a soul. Not only did I find my people who I could relate to, but I came home on fire and driven to put out my best work.

I caught a glimpse of what I could accomplish being around the people who I wanted to be like. Ever since I’ve found value in surrounding myself with like-minded people who are constantly pushing their limits.

As creatives, the work we do has an impact on those around us (viewers, users, the environment, etc). What is something you do to ensure that the impact you’re making is positive?

Sometimes I feel like no one is listening or watching when I hit publish and share something with the world. However, once in a while, I’ll get one message from someone random encouraging me to keep going. Because of this, I pour my soul into my art and podcast trying to put out content that the version of myself 5 years ago needed to hear.

Drawing, speaking, teaching and podcasting allow me to hopefully make an impact on one person at a time.

We have a strong sense of community in our chapter and beyond. How has being an active part of a community provided you with an opportunity you wouldn’t have had otherwise?

Being involved in the creative community has changed my life. Not only am I constantly being pushed and given feedback, but I know there are people who are willing to share their knowledge in areas that I’m not as experienced in. The more you give freely and expect nothing in return, the more it seems to come back to you when you need it most.


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By Amy Lyons
Published February 8, 2018