Homegrown | Quit your job, save your life.

All too often, people say they want to quit and work for themselves but never do. February’s Homegrown speaker wants to get you thinking about the YOU in your career. Napoleon Wright II, of Pan II Creative will join us to encourage people to make that leap and believe in themselves. He’s not saying “everybody quit your job immediately!” The goal is to get people thinking about their careers within the bigger picture of life versus the other way around. Join us as Napoleon discusses the benefits of leaving your job and pursuing your life as a creative. Topics to be discussed:

  • Experiences building a business as a creative
  • Money management
  • Relationship management
  • Workflow management

Napoleon Wright IINapoleon Wright II began his career in public relations and corporate environments. He now uses this background to support his passion for helping groups and individuals with their artistic needs through his own company, Pan II Creative.

To further this mission, he also founded a branch of Pan II Creative, Becauseus (pronounced “because-us”), which serves as a dependable source of creatives who are dedicated to the betterment of humankind through art.

Napoleon looks forward to sharing how and why he decided to quit his job, and save his life. Join us February 11, 2014 for an in-depth discussion.

Check out Napoleon’s intro to Quit your job, save your life on vimeo. Ask Nap questions on twitter before the event.

What are you waiting for? Homegrown events also include lunch, plus the number of seats available is limited. Register early to reserve your place.

By Maura McDonald
Published January 17, 2014