RECAP | October Community Meeting & Upcoming Events

This month, we set out to bridge the gap between designers and coders—and not in a way you would expect. Alisa Herr, Chair of Women Lead, planned this month’s meeting to challenge both our left brain and right brain. She said even by-hand design has some technical component, and it’s important for designers, creatives and coders to understanding different ways of thinking and solving problems.

Part 1: Legos!

For Alisa, the thrill of creative work comes from building something out of nothing—whether it’s coding or knitting. That’s exactly what we did Wednesday night, with Legos. With a pile of Legos dumped in the center of each table, we were each given our own secret rule. Rules like: you must use red and green blocks; you must use only square blocks on the fourth level; you get to decide what to build.”

As people navigated their rules—or threw them out entirely—Lego structures started to form and laughter and excitement filled the room. After 25 minutes of building, the finished products were pretty impressive. We built everything from an island resort, to a space garden, to robots and even the State Fair.


Megan Oteri from Brick Scholars joined the meeting to share why playing with Legos is beneficial to kids and adults. She said “when the hands create knowledge, so does the mind.” We built something from nothing, collaborated around own restraints and used creativity and logic—much like designers and coders working together.


Part 2: Events

Check out other chapter and community events coming up:


Video & Animation Meet Up
When: Oct. 24, 6 p.m.
Where: Blueforest Studios



Impact Meet Up
When: October — Date and time TBD
Where: TBD



Failure Forum and Workshop
When: November — Date and time TBD
Where: TBD



“A conference where design thrives for everyone”
When: Feb 2018
Where: Church on Morgan
More info to come at the November Community Meeting



Beverage User Interface with Triangle UXPA
When: Oct. 12, 7 p.m.
Where: Centerline Digital



AIGA Triad Design Month

  • The Making of a Mascot Oct. 12
  • Letterpress Workshop Oct. 21
  • The 1st Ever AIGA Triad Fellow Award Oct. 25



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By Chelsea Brown
Published October 5, 2017