SPARKcon overtook downtown Raleigh for the tenth time last weekend. With a “spark” for almost every hobby or creative outlet, there was no shortage of entertainment or activities. I spent an entire afternoon making my way down Fayetteville Street, admiring the beautiful ARTspark street squares, shopping at BAZAARspark, and nerding out over 3D printing (and this).

I also learned about the history of Raleigh on a walking architecture tour. Did you know Raleigh used to be home to one of the nation’s best examples of Chicago style architecture? The original facade of the building located on the corner of Hargett and Wilmington streets, now home to Sitti and Gravy, was an example of this style before it was renovated. There was even a new spark this year, PUNspark, created by our very own Tim Rosenberg.

Check out our photo story if you missed out on all the fun!

SPARKcon X SPARKcon brought creativity and expression to all of Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh.


SPARKcon X In this life-sized guitar, people are the strings. SPARKconners simply walked through the body of the guitar to hit every note.


ARTspark Walking through ARTspark was my favorite part of SPARKcon. The variety and quality of the ARTspark street squares was insane! It’s amazing what you can do with chalk. This tile reads, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”


SPARKcon X At DESIGNspark, SPARKconners mapped important memories on a map of Raleigh, creating a collective history of the city.


SPARKcon X BAZAARspark showcased local artisans and crafters, with everything from pottery to candles to jewelry for sale.

By Chelsea Brown
Published September 29, 2015