Save the Date — Homegrown 10.09.12, “Image rights: Who bears the risk?”

The issue of image rights is huge for designers today. Designers need images to convey ideas, and it’s extraordinarily difficult not to be tempted by the wealth of photography just a Google image search away… Complicating this problem is the fact that clients can see those same images and wonder why they can’t be used.
But who is responsible when an image copyright holder finds the image and comes looking for compensation?
What risks do designers face when they take an image from a Google image search and put it in a presentation? Or in print?
Of course the easy answer here is just to say no, you can’t take any image off the web. But how can you use images? What should you look for? (Creative Commons licensing, etc) When you buy image licenses, what usage and rights do you have?
What risks are you taking by downloading an image from the web and manipulating it?
Save the Date — Homegrown 10.09.12, “Image rights: Who bears the risk?”  with Pam Chestek of Red Hat. Registration opens September 16th.

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By Maura McDonald
Published September 14, 2012