Spotlight on: Ethan Geyer

What is your overriding professional goal?

My goal is to create thoughtful, well articulated, detail driven design that is easy to use and well received. I feel committed to never settling for “good enough” and I am always looking for ways to improve my design sense and sensibilities.

What is your greatest work-related purchase?

Definitely, my 27” iMac. The screen is so big and beautiful. I can’t believe that I ever was able to work on a laptop. I’ve got my eye on an Aeron chair, though, so I may change my tune if you ask me again in six months.

What professional accomplishment are you proudest of?

I recently was tasked as the lead visual designer for a website for the Boy Scouts of America. It’s exciting to know that my work will be consumed by millions of scouts across the world and that it may be more of an “artifact” than other on screen designs that I’ve done.

Why are you in AIGA?

I am in the AIGA to be part of an amazing design community. A year ago, I was new to the area and now I feel like I’m at home. I’ve been lucky to be able to work on some great projects like the chapter re-branding and redesigning the website. AIGA Raleigh has welcomed me warmly and I love spreading the word.

What is your non-work creative outlet?

Definitely rock climbing. If I didn’t live behind a computer I’d live in the wilderness (Jeremiah Johnson style). I spent a bunch of years working as a wilderness guide, and even now being removed from society is how I recharge my batteries.

Outside the typical ones (dog, cat, fish, lizard), what office pet would you like to have around?

Impossible. My real life office pet is a bloodhound/ basset hound mix named Jethro. He sleeps – I work, though he does like to make appearances on Skype calls. No other pet could top that.

You can find Ethan on Twitter: @ethangeyer

By Kelty Brittle
Published July 21, 2012