The Creative Process Illustrated

Written by Charles Gupton

Would you like to have the chance to get a peak into the process of some of the most respected creative minds in the advertising business today?

The Creative Process Illustrated: How Advertising’s Big Ideas are Born, you’ll have that opportunity. The authors approached nearly 300 top creative directors, art directors, and writers in the advertising industry with a specific set of questions and criteria. They then produced profiles of 35 individuals with both written and illustrated versions of their creative process as well as additional observations from creative partners and some examples of their finished ads.

The book begins and ends with a few chapters detailing an overview of the creative process. Ironically, I found these over-written in an uninspired, textbook-ish style. However, I still found these chapters to be insightful and even helpful in a few client discussions.

But the reason to invest in this book is the illustrations and descriptions of the creative process. Although each one is very personal, there are universal applications throughout most all of them that speak to that often solitary journey we make on a constant basis.

Even though this book is not heavy reading, the ideas can carry some heavy weight.

Writer & Photographer: Charles Gupton

Designer: Amy Lyons






By Charles Gupton
Published July 10, 2011