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Top 10 Studio Tour Tips

Written by
Amy Lyons
September 7, 2013

Our Annual Studio Tour is one of our favorite events. It’s a unique chance to get an inside look into twelve of Raleigh’s leading Graphic Design, Web Design and Advertising Agencies. It is also a fun opportunity to meet fellow creatives and make or renew connections.

We have yet to have one person be able to visit all the participating studios, though Matt Munoz and Jonathan Opp did make an admirable attempt a few years ago. To help you plan your Studio Tour adventure here are a few tips we’ve learned from previous tours.

  1. Register for the tour. Registered attendees will receive a PDF map via email prior to the tour.
  2. Follow @aigaraleigh and #studiotour13 all the latest updates. Many studios open early and announce it on Twitter. Use the hashtag #studiotour13 when posting on social media.
  3. Bookmark our Twitter list of tour participants to see what they have planned. Many studios set a theme for the night and post teaser tweets. And with the awards we will be handing out these year, I expect there will be some really fun and creative things going on. This is a great way to decide who goes on your “must visit” list.
  4. Once you have your “must visit” list, hop on over to the Studio Tour website and check out our Google map of all the studios. Use it to plan your route. It’s a good idea to start with studios that are close to each other if you are looking to visit as many as you can.
  5. Invite your friends! Carpool and/or use the RLine to get around downtown. It’s always more fun with more than one!
  6. Bring a good supply of business cards. You’ll be meeting a lot of people, and you’ll want to get in touch with them later to continue your conversations.
  7. Don’t be a wallflower. Mix and mingle, join in on conversations or strike up a new one.
  8. Capture the moments. Take lots of photos and share them on our Flickr Group. Share what you saw, see what you missed.
  9. Be courteous and respectful of your hosts and their space. Thank the studios for their hospitality when you leave.
  10. Have fun!
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  • Jacq McAdams

    Thank you for posting these tips Amy! This is very helpful for us newbies at ECU. 

  • AW

    Excellent advice, Amy. The part about not being a wallflower in particular resonated with me. The problem is, I am almost pathologically shy and as a result have a great deal of difficulty speaking with people I don’t know. This crippling social anxiety kept from taking the tour last year and may very well prevent me from taking part this year as well. I’d love to see the various studios but the fear of having to interact with others is just too great. I’d love to hear Amy’s — or anyone’s — thoughts on how I might overcome my inhibitions. Thanks. 

    • GCS


      I just recently watched the movie The Millers recently, and something in the movie kinda stuck. Mr. Miller tells the teenage boy to count three seconds than to act. I think that may help you AW. Of you think for longer than 3 you end up over thinking it, and three seconds gives you enough time to take a deep breath, and take the plunge. It’s actually something that gets easier as you keep doing it, so if you never try, you’ll never overcome this part of yourself. Hope my two cents helps. 

      • AW

        Many thanks for the advice, GCS. While I never thought I’d ever get life lessons — or much of anything else — from a Jennifer Aniston movie, your suggestions is very helpful — and greatly appreciated. And you’re right: I won’t be able to overcome my inhibitions if I don’t try. Still don’t know if I’ll be able to screw up the courage to take the studio tour tonight but I appreciate the support.